Early Canada Display


This period of Canada’s history is shown through maps of each Province with accompanying detailed story boards and artefacts of the era. There are also drawings, drafted plans, and photos of forts built by Engineers including the Citadel in Nova Scotia.

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Forester Display


There is an excellent display showing a Forester at work in his workshop manufacturing axe handles and using the hand tools available at the turn of the Century. All are authentic tools of the day.

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WW I Trench


Life in the Trenches is the focus here. The displays include two dispatch riders, a wonderful collection of “trench art,” and a very detailed display of how a Canadian soldier lived and fought during WW1 in the trenches. The CME Museum also proudly holds the only Victoria Cross won by an Engineer, Captain Coulson Norman Mitchell, VC, MC, and both the medal and the story of how it was won are on display for viewing.

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T5 Raft


There is an extensive uniform and weapons collection covering this period within the Museum.

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Korea Remembrance  Display


The Museum is fortunate to have a small group of volunteers dedicated to developing and maintaining the Engineer Branch involvement in the Korean War. A detailed history complete with artifacts and photos can be found here..

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United Nations Display


The United Nations display covers much of the significant Engineer involvement on UN operations throughout the world.

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