CME Officers Fund Donating $10,000.00 Maj Gale, Sgt Wilt, Col Tattersall
Donors and Sponsors

Donors and Sponsors. The CME Museum is pleased to acknowledge the generosity of the following individuals and organizations that have contributed to the preservation and development of the collection:

  • The CME Officers Fund
  • The Retired Sappers Association (Chilliwack BC)
  • The Atlantic Retired Sappers Association

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WW2  German Helmet Collection


Artefact Donors

It is impossible to put a price on the value of historical artifacts. All are considered invaluable to the preservation and interpretation for future generations of the history of the CME Branch. The museum gratefully thanks the following contributors for providing the tangible links to our history:

  • LCol (Retd) D Veitch

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Mr Boucher in our Film Library



The scope of work involved in achieving the mission of the museum is daunting; however, through the enthusiasm, dedication, passion, hard work, vision, and belief in the value of their efforts, volunteers can realize the impossible. The museum gratefully thanks the following volunteers for their commitment and conviction:

  • LCol (Retd) Ken Holmes
  • WO (Retd) David Appleby
  • Mrs Sandra Johnson Penney
  • Mrs Diane Peril

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