Museum Chairman Welcome

Chimo! And welcome to the Canadian Military Engineers Museum website. I sincerely hope you enjoy your virtual visit and that you gain a better appreciation of the goals of the museum, and of the past and continuing role of the Canadian Military Engineer in the development of Canada.

The CME Museum is a member of the Organization of Military Museums of Canada, the New Brunswick Museums Association, receives funding and support from the Director of Heritage and History, and has close ties with the CFB Gagetown Military Museum.

All military engineers are members of the museum and all visitors are welcomed. The CME Museum keeps everyone informed of its activities, events, developments, and news through our Newsletter.

As you surf through the site, I invite you to consider becoming a Friend of the Museum and assisting us in any way in the collection, preservation, interpretation, and display of Military Engineer heritage and history.

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LCol Weatherbee

Commandant Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering Welcome

Welcome all to the CME Museum website. I trust your visit will be interesting and informative, which is in keeping with the mandate of the museum: to educate.

The CME Museum is home to some 35,000 artefacts that represent the history of all facets of the Canadian Military Engineers. From the 18th century to the present, from bulldozers to buttons, and from the Victoria Cross won by Captain Norman Mitchell during the First World War to artworks by F.H. Varley of the Group of Seven, the collection captures the identity of the Corps and its role in the formation of Canada. The School itself is incorporated in the CME Museum’s concept of a “living museum” as a great many of its artefacts are displayed throughout the entire school and can be appreciated by all at any time of the day.

We hope to maximize public visitation to the museum to share in the heritage of the Canadian Military Engineers, and in seeking that the CME Museum is embarking on a new two-pronged effort of public awareness and artefact conservation. Your visit to this site demonstrates an initial success of that first effort.

As you pour over the site, remember only a fraction of the museum’s attractions can be shown. Only with a visit to the CME Museum and the Engineer School will you truly appreciate the scope of the Canadian Military Engineer role in the development of Canada. Should you wish to assist the museum in any way please consider becoming a Friend of the Museum.

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WW2 Troops leaving Aggassiz

The Museum History

The Canadian Military Engineers Museum first opened at CFB Chilliwack on 11 May 1957. The Museum moved to its present site, within the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering which is located within the Mitchell Building at CFB Gagetown in Oromocto, New Brunswick, and officially re-opened on 1 July 1998. The Canadian Military Engineers Museum houses some of the finest engineer-specific and general military artifacts in the country illustrating the major achievements of the Canadian Military Engineers in the development of Canada in times of peace and war. With its “living museum” concept, there are tens of thousands of artifacts on display throughout the museum and within the walls of the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering, which is the home of the CME Museum.

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The Museum Mission

The mission of the CME Museum is to gather, collect, restore, preserve, interpret, and display materials that reflect the history of the Military Engineer Branch with the view to educating Branch members of the history of their Branch and to inform the public of the contributions of the Canadian Military Engineers in peace and war in the development of Canada

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The Museum Objectives

To realize the CME Museum mission a number of achievable yearly objectives have been developed for the next five-year period. Included within these broad objectives are the improvement of outreach programs, increasing volunteerism, and building upon relationships with like-minded organizations:

  • 05/06 – Public Awareness/ Artefact Conservation, Interpretation, and Display.
  • 06/07 – Public Awareness/ Artefact Conservation, Interpretation, and Display.
  • 07/08 – Improvement of Static Displays and Interpretation.
  • 08/09 – Expansion of the Museum.
  • 09/10 – Improve interactivity of displays.

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1905 Officers RCE

The Museum Board

The CME Museum runs under the direction of the Military Engineer Museum Association of Canada. The Chairman and the Vice-Chairman manage long-term focus and ensure the maintenance of the mandate with input from the Engineer Branch Council and the other members of the Board. The Museum Executive Officer, who is a senior officer within CFSME, manages the museum on a day-to-day basis.

The Board meets annually, but all Board members remain involved in the numerous museum issues and activities.

  • Chairman – Col John Tattersall
  • Vice Chair and Commandant CFSME – LCol Ranjeet Gupta
  • Museum Executive Officer Maj Joe Gale
  • CMEA VP History and Heritage – CWO Blaine Thurston
  • Advisor – MGen John Woods (Col Commandant)
  • Advisor – CWO Pierre Ste-Marie (Engineer Branch CWO)
  • Curator/Treasurer – Ex-officio – Sgt John Wilt

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First Official Engineer Magazine

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